• 再生医療

      Regenerative medicine

      This clinic provides treatment for knee osteoarthritis using regenerative medicine. The patient will be counseled and select from four treatment methods. Safe and safe treatment using own blood and adipose stem cells.

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    • 自由診療

      Self-paid treatment

      This clinic will provide self-care for those interested in anti-aging. We listen to the requests of those who want to be youthful forever, those who want to be beautiful and healthy forever both in appearance and inside, and those who want to live a fulfilling life, and we will provide treatment that suits each individual case.

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    • 訪問診療

      Visit treatment

      This clinic will collaborate with local medical institutions, nursing care facilities and government so that people who wish to have medical care at home can receive medical care while staying in a familiar area. Establish an environment where you can live a rich life with a community system.

    • メディカルツーリズム

      Medical tourism

      This clinic provides advanced medical care to people in many countries through medical tourism. Globally, the aging society is a serious problem, and regenerative medicine accepts and treats patients with knee osteoarthritis so that anyone can live on their own, forever, anywhere, and have a rich daily life.